Pinteresting through the Fall and Winter

Well, since I stay at home with Monkey.  I have decided to try some of the yummy(looking) recipes on  So far since last Thursday I have tried 4 different recipes.  1 was a epic fail (pizza roll ups), 1 was yummy(Chicken Teriyaki), and 2 were ok.  Tonight I am trying Sausage Balls with Cream cheese.  I ran out of shredded cheese , so I chopped up finely sliced provolone .  We shall see how it goes.  Will post a photo later love her website, very user friendly.


Grocery Shopping with the hubby

Well…that was 2 long hours of grocery shopping.  2 stores with a list, the hubby holding the calculator and Monkey being Monkey.  I went on and made a menu with Kiddo for the next 2 weeks.  Our budget was small compared to what most people spend, $150 for 2 weeks.  And I did it.  I am glad I know how to stretch the groceries without having spaghetti every other night.(even tho the girls would eat it that often).  It’s gonna take time to live on a small budget but I know I can do it.

Day 1 of many

I have a LOVE for cooking, whether it be healthy, kid friendly, for a party or just for me and the hubby. My addiction to the food & wine section on is bad. I have over 214 pins on just that board alone. That doesn’t count my kids food board, the Christmas goodies board, or summer food ideas. What I love about Pinterest is that someone else has tried the recipe or wanted to try the recipe and pinned it to their board.
What is your favorite recipe or treat that you have found on Pinterest?