Easy, yummy and kid approved

So I was searching Pinterest this afternoon looking for ideas on what to cook the kids. For the most part I cook 2 different things for dinner. One for the kids and one for the hubby and I . To us it’s easier this way so we are not having the dinner time fight. Now they will ask to try what we are having 60% of the time, 40% of the time they like it and will eat it( that 20% not so much lol ) but that 40%, well it’s not worth the fight.
I came upon this recipe from Life With The Crust Off. I did make a few modifications to it. I used a 8in glass round pie dish and used Fiesta blend cheese instead of mozzarella. 

Here is the pinterest.com link
4-ingredient Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake for weeknight dinner! – http://pinterest.com/pin/172051648240277248/?utm_source=android_share
And a link to her direct website with full recipe

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Pictures coming soon.


It’s been awhile

It’s been way too long since I have posted anything. Things have been busy like normal. Summer is coming to an end and school is starting. I love the summer time, it gives me time to relax and spend time with the girls. But like all things they must come to an end. No more sleeping in or staying up late. It’s back to the school routine. Getting up early (yuckie), making lunches and homework are closing in fast. Less than 2 weeks until school starts. All school supplies are bought; the list keeps getting longer and longer each year. School clothes are hanging in the closet, with the temptation to put them on but can’t cause it’s not school time yet. Which had been torture for Kiddo. She is 8.5 going on 15. The attitude has come out full force and is pushing more buttons each day.

In my next post, you will see how we redid Kiddos room, from little girl to a tween room that we both agreed on. Which these days finding a common ground has been difficult.

Until next time..Hug your kiddos and give hubby a smooch.


Fall is getting closer

Fall is almost here,  and I can’t wait.  With everything going on with family and friends makes the weekends busy.  I love hanging out with family who I also consider friends.  Not just friends but the best of friends. 
With the cooler weather comes crafts,  pumpkins,  warmer clothes and the stress of the holiday season that is coming up on us.  Its already in the stores. Can’t people take one holiday at a time.  First there is Halloween,  then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  I dislike seeing Christmas decorations a month before Halloween.  Ugh
Its not like I don’t like Christmas,  don’t get me wrong,  I do but Christmas decorations don’t go up in my house until the day after Thanksgiving.  We spend all weekend getting the decorations up.  My BFF and I have a tradition for the past several years.  We brave the Black Friday shopping madness.  We usually start at Tanger Outlets,  then Wal-Mart and Target.  Yes we are crazy but its a blast.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. 
I am very thankful for my husband,  my kiddos,  my family and friends. 
Happy Fall Y’all

Jumping in with both feet

Well after A LOT of thought and praying. We are taking the plunge. We have decided to homeschool both girls. I wont lie and say that I am not nervous, scared and a bit over my head….I sure am. All three things just summed up my emotions. But on thenother hand , I am excited to begin this journey and adventure with Kiddo , Monkey and hubby. I have always felt(since about 7-8th grade) that the school system stinks. So many kids fall through the cracks, forgotten and hate school. Each child is different and they dont learn the same. So why force 16-21 kids in one class to all learn the same way. Kiddo learns hands on, touching things, feeling, seeing how things work.She does not do well sitting for 7 hours a day. To a 7.5 year old that is punishment, myself as an adult have a hard time sitting that long, let alone paying attention to something that may not be interesting. Homework is a totally different post. 

Back on track, after doing A LOT of reseaech, I believe that we have found what we are going to start with. I will edit this later with the link. I do plan to suppliment with more Science and History. 

I am extremely excited and happy aboutbour decision and cant wait to share out journey with you.

As I sit here waiting in the car rider line at Kiddos school, I think and smile knowing it wont be like thisfor long.

Have an awesome day

Working on becoming better house wife

Like it says I clean,  but I don’t have a schedule.  I need to get better at it.  With hubby working overnights, it’s hard to do certain things while he is sleeping.  Our dishwasher is loud and can hear it outside,  can’t vacuum.  Just frustrated that I feel like I can’t,  won’t become a better housekeeper.  Maybe it’s all in my head.  Oh well I will let these feelings pass. 

School Blues

Well this week has been a bad week for Kiddo.  She is learning that her words and actions have repercussions not only at home but at school also.  She is also figuring out that people who she thought was her friends will throw you under the bus.  I dislike that she is having to learn so young but all I can do is be there for her and help her make good decisions.