About my craziness…..

Hey ya’ll. My name is Sara and this is my first experience dealing with a blog, writing a blog and figuring things out along the way. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised on a farm in middle of no where Missouri. We had chickens , goats, and pigs. Lived on about 40+ acres and at the time loved every minute of it. Then the beginning of my freshman year of high school we moved down here to the wonderful gulf coast of Florida. Fast forward 20 year next April(2014), I am now married to a wonderful husband and we have 2 awesome girls. Kiddo is 7.5 years old going on 12, she is an artsy and kind hearted child. I don’t know where the attitudes comes from most days but she is her daddy’s daughter tall, skinny and poor thing suffers from no-ass-at-all. Then there is Monkey who is 2.5 going on 5. Learning everything we do and say, wanting to do “everything by myself(in true southern accent)”. She is my little mini-me.

Back to what got my wanting to do this blog. I have been working in the food industry since 1996. After Monkey was born I didn’t want to go back to work just yet, but I did, cause in this economy like most people we needed both of us to be working. We had a chance to moved an hour away, with better school systems, less crime and a small town feel. Once we moved we had decided that I would stay home for a while to get things settled. Well that lasted a year, so I started the dreaded job hunt. which in itself is very stressful. I found a job that I loved very much. Well in 6 months I went from being a CSR to running 2 stores….WOOHOO right….so in that 6 months I increased sales, customers would come in just to chat and ask about the day, inventory was down and sales was up. So I should be a shoe in for the manager position that was open. Wrong ….1 week after the new manager started I was told that I was being let go, due to a conflict of personalities. Really, after 1 week you know that we aren’t going to get along. Flash forward a month later. Here I am trying not to pull my hair out, searching the internet, talking with friends trying everything I can do to find a job. And most importantly try and balance a budget that just got smaller. :\

Now that Kiddo and Monkey are getting older, it’s a whole new ball game being a stay at home mom. The messes are bigger, the voices are louder, the attitudes are OMG, and my buttons are being pushed more and more each day. Also on top of everything we are learning to be a 1 income family. Which is hard for someone like me who loves to shop for the girls, I LOVE to cook, bake, and trying my hand at sewing and planning a garden in the spring. Plenty to keep me busy, yet I am finding that I find myself getting bored. You can only clean so much, bake so much or redo the closets (all of them) in the house so many times.

I would love if I could meet new people, share stories & recipes, try new products and tell ya what it really does and if it really works and just be a friendly voice saying it is going to be ok, and we can get through anything together.


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